New Instant Cream

Bakels are proud to launch new Instant Cream, a high performance, delicious fresh cream alternative, delivering significant cost-in-use benefits over UHT vegetable creams for you and your customers.

Also available is Instant Cream Chocolate, a rich chocolate version, with a range of different application possibilities.

Bakels Instant Creams require are easy to produce: simply add one sachet (700g) to 1 litre of chilled water and whip*.

Supplied in powder form and stored at ambient temperature, Instant Cream makes for easy storage, without the requirement to store in chilled facilities before whipping/application.

When mixed with highly acidic ingredients at up to 20%, Instant Cream remains stable. This allows bakers to buy one product, but with endless serving possibilities.

Freeze thaw stability, coupled with good shelf life makes Instant Cream ideal for bakers looking to efficiently plan their production batches of cream products, allowing them to maintain beautiful looking counters all day long.

To see what you could save and explore the endless applications, visit our dedicated web page at:

*refer to pack for specific whipping times.