Bakels have relaunched the Country Oven brand to the UK market with the launch of Brand New Country Oven Rye Bread Concentrate.

As consumers develop a taste for internationally inspired baked goods, it is our goal to provide bakers with the tools they need to meet this trend.

Rye bread has been the beloved choice of Nordic households since the Vikings introduced it to our dinner tables over 1000 years ago. Rye bread forms a staple part of Scandinavian lunchtime meals.

Country Oven Rye Bread Concentrate contains a delicious blend of rye sourdoughs, for a malty flavour and distinctive aroma, allowing bakers to bring the taste of these regions to local bakeries.

The 50/50 base concentrate is easy-to-use, requiring only the addition of flour, yeast and water for great tasting rye bread, with excellent volume, softness and keeping qualities.

The 50/50 base recipe produces a 40% rye, with a free recipe guide (click here) for bakers to produce up to 100% rye breads. This versatility allows bakers to tailor their offering to local appetites.

Point-of-sale material is available, including bread bands and stickers to assist bakers in creating attractive-looking bakery displays.

Michael Schofield, Marketing Manager at British Bakels, comments: “The Country Oven brand has been a big success since the original launch in 1991. We have relaunched the brand, which will take on further products in the future. The new Country Oven Rye Bread Concentrate taps into a thriving trend for internationally inspired products and gives bakers a versatile product which can easily integrate into their bakery operations.”

Country Oven Rye Bread Concentrate is available in a 16kg bag and available from your local Bakels wholesaler – get in touch on 01869 356400.