British Bakels, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ingredients to the bakery market, has revamped its Country Oven range of Speciality Bread Mixes, driven by consumer’s demand for tasty and healthy bread products.

The range comes as consumer’s desire for breads with nutritional and health benefits intensifies, following the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus through 2020 and is timed to help consumers make a healthy start to 2021. While taste undoubtedly remains the number one priority for bread eaters/buyers (75%), the range is an opportunity to also boost bread’s overall reputation as a wholesome, staple food.

This year has supercharged consumer’s awareness of the food they eat, leading them to seek goods which promote positive health. According to Mintel, 31% of adults are eating healthier, 20% are interested in foods which support their immune system and 41% want their diet to support digestive health. This carries through to the bakery category, with 25% and 31% saying breads with health benefits and those with high fibre appeals to them respectively.

While there is an increasing number of wrapped bread products now communicating functional health claims, Craft and ISB bakers too can now deliver breads with these added benefits, adding to their theatrical in-store appeal.

The new concentrates, which follow the same convenient usage as the rest of the Country Oven range, at 50/50 ratio with flour, is led by a familiar name and additional product, one optimised by an enhanced nutritional profile:

Multiseed Vitality

Taking on all the delicious eating and fresh-keeping qualities as The Original and Still the Best – Multiseed, but boosted with enhanced nutrients and claims. Bakers can produce bread and rolls which are high in protein (14g per 100g) and fibre and fortified with a source of calcium and vitamin D. Claims include: supports immune system and metabolism, maintains normal teeth and bones and good for your gut. Discover.

Golden Grains

Packed with wholesome ancient grains, quinoa and chia seeds, along with turmeric, sunflower and linseed, Golden Grains delivers striking visual appeal, backed with excellent taste. Bakers can produce bread and rolls which are a source of protein and fibre. Claims include: supports nervous system and contributes to the reduction in tiredness and fatigue. Discover.

Fibre Plus

Delicately filled with wheat flakes, Fibre Plus produces excellent brown bread and rolls with an appetising malty and sweet flavour. Bakers can produce bread and rolls which are high in fibre (7.7g per 100g) and a source of protein. Claims include: good for your gut. Discover.

Seeded Artisan

Boosted with the addition of Fermdor® Wheat Sourdough, for a distinct flavour and sunflower and linseeds for added bite, Seeded Artisan produces bread and ciabatta rolls with an inviting waxy crumb and rustic crust, with just 60 minutes bulk fermentation required. Bakers can produce bread and ciabatta rolls which are a source of protein. Claims include: supports immune system. Discover.

The new speciality concentrates sit alongside familiar favourites: Multiseed, Oat & Barley, Artisan and Rye and together it’s time to unlock the nutritional and health benefits bread and rolls made using the concentrates bring. In addition to the claims bakers can make on the base bread and roll recipes, they are all vegan and vegetarian suitable, of whom are set to make up a quarter of the British population by 2025 and the versatile mixes can produce far more than just bread and rolls (claims not valid).

Support for Bakers

As our mission says, we want to help customers sell more bakery products, that why we are offering free point-of-sale for bakers who buy at least one bag of any of our Country Oven concentrates. The quick-and-easy wobblers (with clips) and counter display board help bakers communicate all the benefits of the bread and rolls made using the Country Oven range. These resources are available through local bakery wholesalers or direct from British Bakels.

The range revamp, available January 2021, marks a drive from British Bakels, and indeed the Bakels Group, in the development of ingredients that not only produce nutritious/healthy bakery goods, but those suited to different diets and lifestyles, such as vegan.

Data: Mintel – Attitudes towards Healthy Eating (UK – February 2020), Mintel – Bread inc. Impact of Covid 19 (UK – September 2020), The Vegan Society.
Full list of nutrients and claims available at