The interest in veganism increased seven-fold in the five years to 2019, according to Google trends and coupled with the 52% of cake eaters/buyers preferring to eat premium products less often, rather than standard ones more often, Bakels have introduced vegan suitable indulgent fillings to their vegan range.

As veganism powers into 2020, the expectation from consumers for quality vegan bakery options is expected to reach fever pitch.

Further to the launch of Multimix Vegan Cake Complete in 2019, which delivers convenience for bakers, having to only add water and oil and versatility-in-use, Bakels has bolstered it’s vegan offering with the introduction of bake-stable fillings.

Available in lemon, orange, chocolate and caramel, the ready-to-use fillings can be used to inject muffins and doughnuts, as well as finish cupcakes and small fine sweet goods. The range are freeze-thaw stable fillings deliver a smooth, short texture with rich flavours, perfect for consumers opting to reduce their portion sizes without compromise on taste.

The fillings take the Bakels range of vegan suitable ingredients close to 100, which includes Multimix Vegan Cake Complete, versatile fudgices, ready to use sweet glazes, pastry improvers, release solutions and doughnut concentrates.

As a trend which is here to stay, vegan products are firmly on Bakels’ radar for 2020.

Data source: Google Trends, Mintel.