The caramel ingredients market is set to grow by nearly 7% to 2021 and backed up by the 21% of consumers willing to pay more for innovative flavours, presents opportunity for an eye catching twist on traditional caramel.

Caramel ingredients have taken centre stage in patisseries across the world, with increasing presence in other food categories such as ice cream and food-to-go. Having won the hearts of consumers thanks to its mouth-watering flavour and indulgent appearance, there is opportunity for a premium twist on traditional caramel, to boost taste and flavour experiences. Colour is becoming increasingly important, with half (49%) of cake eaters/buyers wanting to see more colourful cakes/sweet baked goods.

Following the launch of the True Caramel range in 2017, Bakels have continued to innovate in the category, with the introduction in recent years of Low water activity caramel for long shelf life applications and Low Sugar caramel for calorie conscious applications .

Raspberry Millionaires Caramel PF
Bakels are proud to present bakers with a colourful twist on baker’s favourite Millionaires Caramel, with a new addition to the True Caramel family, Raspberry Millionaires Caramel PF. With the added benefit of being palm free, Raspberry Millionaires Caramel PF maintains all the eating and clean-cutting qualities of Millionaires Caramel, with a natural deep raspberry colour and delicious raspberry flavour.

As part of the True Caramel range, Raspberry Millionaires Caramel PF is produced through a traditional boil-up process, delivering a consistently superior texture and mouth-feel consumers can enjoy in a range of applications.

Raspberry Millionaires Caramel PF can be used in nostalgic applications such as Millionaires Shortbread, as well as more recent creations such as filled and topped cupcakes and doughnuts, all receiving a boost of colour to catch the eye of consumers hungry for fresh innovation.

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