Bakels are proud to release their Product Brochure for 2021, packed with nearly 150 quality ingredients to help bakers deliver incredible baked goods.

With new products added, the range includes a wide range of versatile bread and confectionery ingredients, all tried and tested, to help bakers conveniently and consistently deliver the best quality for their customers.

Make Products with Claims – Country Oven

In light of recent events, the nation’s focus on foods which contribute to their overall health and wellbeing has exploded. At Bakels, we believe taste and nutrition should come hand-in-hand and that’s why we have supercharged our range of speciality bread mixes, to delivery just that! Country Oven has been a recognised and trusted brand since 1991 and the new ingredients fall under this umbrella and provide bakers with convenient and reliable answers to the demands of today’s consumer.

Vegan Bakery

The enormous growth of vegan bakery products in recent years is well documented and the new brochure includes a collection of vegan suitable bakery ingredients, to help bakers ride the wave of this trend. Equipped with operational advantages, the range enables bakers to deliver baked goods the high quality associated with their non-vegan counterparts.

View the 2021 brochure here.

The ingredients listed are only a small proportion of our wider range, many of which are designed for specific applications in mind. Get in touch to kick-start your bespoke bakery developments with our team of  experts.