Doughnut Variety

There’s nothing quite like doughnut toppings and fillings that explode with taste to partner your tea or coffee with, is there? For some inspiration to keep your doughnuts snap-worthy, we’ve put together the best-looking doughnuts in the business. And we’ve included some topping ideas for you to try. 

What’s the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into a bakery? 

Obviously, it will be hard not to be instantly enticed by the aroma of fresh bread, sweet bakes and other treats emanating around the room, but think with your eyes, for a moment. 

Is it the branding—loud and bright ringing out from behind the counter, or perhaps on it? Or is it then uniforms or the people? Our inkling is that it’s the bakes that stand out, right? The counter and window displays are filled with your favourite bakes, colours, tastes and textures. 

Consumers, now more than ever, are tasting with their eyes. And they’re more than willing to share their newfound bake-love with the world. 

The rise of Instagram has seen an increase in food photography. If your bakery has created something beautiful, it is very likely ending up documented, perhaps even in a social post. Statistics show that 23% of Instagram users photograph their food, and with over one billion active users, that’s 230 million accounts actively photographing and posting about their food. 

This trend is only set to rise, and making sure your bakes are featured in these snaps is a great way of getting new and returning customers back at your door. 

Doughnuts are a sweet treat everybody enjoys, and they offer countless opportunities for reinvention. So let’s take a look at how doughnuts are being used to delight taste buds, while simultaneously promoting the bakery they hailed from. 

Eye-popping toppings

We love the topping suggestions from The Merry Thought. Each of them offers you the chance to create snap-worthy designs, with reasonable simplicity, that taste scrumptious. 

Doughnut Topping Ideas

Image credit to: The Merry Thought

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Toppings include: 

Ice Cream Sundae – A scoop of ice cream (we used vanilla), hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles and a cherry.

S’mores – Marshmallow glaze, melted Hershey bars and cracker crumbs! 

Strawberry Shortcake – Crème fraîche whipped cream and macerated strawberries.

Caramel Delight – Salted caramel, toasted coconut and drizzled with hot fudge.

Cookies ‘n Cream – Cream cheese whipped cream and crushed Oreos.

Blueberry Cheesecake – Cream cheese whipped cream, blueberry pie filling and cracker crumbs.

Maple Bacon – Maple glaze and crumbled bacon!

Designer Doughnuts from London’s Finest

Right here, in London, UK, we’re spoiled for choice. London hosts some of the finest doughnutteries around, with snap-worthy designs that are an absolute feast for the eyes. In fact, these snaps are so popular they’re winning these bakeries new customers every day. And in lockdown, both these featured bakeries excelled with home delivery, which they are continuing now. 

Doughnut Time

With 11 stores over the capital, Doughnut Time’s creations are inspirational. Their doughnut 6-packs (including the Bueno Mars, Stranger Rings 2.0, D’Oh Nut, Love At First Bite, David Hassel-Biscoff and The OG), fly off the shelves. Many of them find their way back onto the internet. To see what we mean, take a look at their Instagram page

Their quirky branding and products set them aside, and their doughnuts look to-die-for. 

Doughnut time boxed doughnuts

They also design bespoke for events

Another way Doughnut Time keeps its doughnuts working hard is by collaborating with companies and individuals for events with bespoke doughnut design. They cleverly match colouring and toppings with company branding and logos for an extra tasty giveaway. Although restrictions exist around events, don’t let that stop you from offering branded lines which can be sent in neat doughnut boxes.

Doughnut time corporate example

Dum Dum’s Doughnuts

Dum Dum’s artisan doughnuts are renowned. And it’s not hard to see why. Their variety in toppings, fillings and doughnut ingredients sets them apart. With such a vast array of choice, the consumer is spoilt!

Dum Dum's Instagram Doughnuts

From basic chocolate based toppings to rainbow glazes and a heap of extras, there’s something for everyone to try. 

Another bakery making the most out of delivery

Dum Dum’s website is currently set up as an order system for their customers to either pick up or get home delivery of their unique creations. It’s systems like this alongside snap-worthy products that have seen some bakeries survive and thrive throughout COVID. 

Bakels Doughnut Solutions

If you’re ready to get more experimental with your doughnuts, and their toppings, we’d love to help.

A sexy doughnut is nothing without the perfect, light-eating doughnut base and our Yeast Doughnut Concentrate (powder) and Doughnut Paste Concentrate provide just that. Great volume, minimum fat absorption and good shelf life means the perfect doughnut to cover and fill to your heart’s desire. The just add flour, yeast and water concentrates are also suitable for vegans!

As well as some of the experimental ideas we’ve talked about above, don’t ignore core favourites. Our Ready-to-use Cream Fillings (available in Lemon, Orange, Chocolate and Caramel) are silky smooth, easy to inject and suitable for vegans. Our Fudgices (available in Rich Chocolate, Toffee and White, to which colours and flavours can easily be added) provide great core topping flavours to delight your customers.

Get in touch for more information or order from your local Bakels bakery wholesaler today!