This year has been about change and bakery is no different – Against challenging in-store bakery interest, pre-packed and speciality bread and rolls have received a s­izeable boost, forecast to grow in retail sales value of 6% and 11% respectively through 2020.

As consumers’ appetite for breads which showcase a high level of craftsmanship or speciality remains strong, the assurance perceived from wrapped breads to satisfy their hygienic preferences means a balance must be achieved. The good news is you too can still produce everyday breads, but packed with flavour, texture and fresh keeping advantages.

As a specialist in bread ingredient technology, we are here to support you in delivering both upmarket, speciality experiences consumers have become used to, and the convenience of longer shelf life and improved eating qualities desired more recently.

Consumers have changed their buying behaviours, have you adapted?

According to Mintel, 45% of people who eat and buy bread agree that craft bread is worth paying more for and built on evolving buying behaviours around hygiene and shopping frequency, wrapped breads can take on some of the same attractions as traditionally “naked” breads baked as part of the in-store experience.

It’s why craft, retail and industrial bakers have introduced breads containing sourdough into their core wrapped ranges. Did you know that in 2019, 7% of launches in the bread market referenced sourdough on-pack, rising to 12% in the first eight months of 2020. Breads with sourdough and especially a combination of sourdoughs, offer a wide variety of flavours and thus signature bread options, to provide point of difference.

However, evidenced by a marked forecast annual growth of 7%, bread with bits offer eating experience beyond just flavour, satisfying enhanced textures. Add this to the 38% of consumers’ expressing a preference for breads which keep for longer, means a balance must be struck between craft breads and everyday convenience.

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Ingredients for Craft-Style, Speciality Goods

We know consumer preference can vary between geographic regions and between consumer demographics, that’s why are here to provide the right solutions for you, so you can deliver the right products for your customers.

Our range of ingredients can help you deliver the quality associated with craft breads into the wrapped category, providing the upmarket attributes, along with signature sourdough flavours, longer shelf life and process convenience.

Showcased under the Bakels Fermdor® brand, our range of dried sourdoughs offer both extensive signature flavour options and ultimate convenience. Not only can they be added to wrapped breads to deliver unique eating qualities, but pizza bases, pasta and meat marinades can all benefit from the addition of Fermdor® sourdoughs, showcasing their versatile qualities.

Our range of specialist bread improvers and crumb softeners offer options for bakers depending on their processes, customer demographic and route-to-market. Built under trusted brands Lecitem, Quantum and Bacom, choose the right solution according to volume, stability, immediate softness, economy-in-use, clean label and allergens. In addition, we offer a range of bespoke solutions, according to your requirements around recipe or process.

The healthiness of breads has exploded in interest in recent times, with significant interest around immune system and gut health cues. Our Country Oven range of speciality bread ingredients chime with this demand – Packed with nutritional and functional health benefits, the mixes provide bakers with convenience of production and consumers with excellent taste and wellbeing advantages, all backed with excellent fresh-keeping qualities.

As consumer buying behaviours have changed, let us assist you in adapting your range to meet demand.

Data: Mintel: Bread – UK September 2019, Mintel: Bread Inc. Impact of Covid-19 – UK September 2020.

Fermdor® Sourdough

Fermdor® sourdoughs are convenient for bakers to transform the flavour of bread and baked goods.

Improvers & Softeners

Solutions tailored to your needs – Improve volume, stability, softness and economy, also with clean label options.

Country Oven Mixes

Consumers are seeking breads with nutrition and health benefits – Country Oven delivers taste and contributes to wellbeing.

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