Lockdown has seen many setting up a bakery from home. The ideas coming out of some of these bakers’ kitchens are inspiring. Read how these “side-hustle” bakers have emerged and thrived in a challenging COVID environment. 

Around May this year, there was a sudden spike in those of us looking for “home bakery” ideas and information. As uncertainty surged, and bakeries and restaurants alike had to close their doors, many bakers, chefs and even those with little experience took to their kitchen to bake.

As lockdown continued we saw a rise in trends such as drop-in hospitality, online shops and street vendors. With chefs furloughed, or in the unfortunate position of having lost their jobs, creative projects and pop-ups continued to emerge. 

Suddenly production kitchens at home, or in empty restaurants or bakeries became host to the baking of local – small-batch – accessible delights.

Setting up a Bakery from Home

From the comfort of their own homes (or empty bakery or restaurant kitchens) plenty registered their new business venture, not knowing where it would lead them. Their products were to be shipped or sold locally—from the back of trucks, from pop-up markets or even by delivery courtesy of their website or social media account. 

Instagram, in particular, played a massive role in creating a local buzz for these new, small, bakery businesses. Not only was Instagram great at helping these bakers get their products out in the open—but the online shop option also allowed owners to monetise their products with a level of ease. 

Miss Trixie Drinks Tea is an excellent example of this. Alice (the business owner, and cake bake whiz) started her home bakery business in London. She found local success and when she moved to Australia, her business went with her, and she continues to wow and grow her customer base. And this is just one example of a “side-hustle”, turning into a successful business. 

So what have these side-hustle bakers been rustling up?

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Comfort Bakes

Comfort bakes are something we’ve all been on the lookout for in times of uncertainty—our favourite flavours, fillings or toppings. And there are a few particular styles that have been favoured by pop-up bakers and consumers alike: pies and tarts. 

With their rich fillings (savoury or sweet), offer a hearty treat and are robust enough to survive delivery trips unscathed. Bakers have taken the familiarity of the pie and experimented with flavour. 

British pastry chef Carley Scheidegger set up her shop @good.pudd on Instagram and has delighted her customers with flavour twists such as baked basque, brown butter, quince and hazelnut among other mouth-watering ingredients!

Workshops and Bespoke Bakes

Lockdown has inspired bakers from all backgrounds, amateur to professional—some have used the opportunity to impart their knowledge. Bakehouses like @ediblesbakeshop (which have been set up as an online-only service), have used this time to offer bake sales and cake workshops. 

They’ve also taken on bespoke orders and had lines only available for short periods during the lockdown. 

Professional Pastries at Home

Professional pastry chefs have also been trying their hand at the “side-hustle”. There’s been an increase in the amount of top-end baking taking place in the home. Bakes like custard and almond Kouigan Amann and intricately flavoured pavlovas, ranging from chocolate to vegan raspberry. 

Chef Johann Venier has been the master behind such bakes with his pop-up home business “redefining the pavlova”. Find his creations on Instagram @lapav_aus

Other master pastry offerings we’ve seen from such side-hustles include pastry boxes with cheesecakes, ganaches, puffed buckwheat bites and varying galette flavours and twists.

Don’t forget Savoury!

It’s not just the sweet bakes that have been featured in the “side-hustle” landscape, some savoury bakes beyond the pie have been making it into the kitchens of amateur and professional bakers. 

Pizza. The family favourite simple base bake has been booming over lockdown, and it’s bought around plenty of pop-up stalls and delivery options. And, while we’ve all got our favourites, chefs have taken this opportunity to play with flavours.

Take @AlexPDavis as an example. From fresh corn, green onion, Calabrian chillies and gouda to fontina, aged cheddar, roasted poblano, pickled jalapeño and chives, the toppings on his pizzas are quite something. 

While the baking element is quite simplistic, it definitely doesn’t take away from the artistry. 

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