According to Mintel, bread which is handmade, with adventurous flavours, using high quality ingredients are all among top qualities consumers desire when buying bread products. Coupled with a forecast growth of nearly 7% for the global sourdough market to 2023, this presents increasing opportunity for bakers to produce point of difference signature sourdough style breads and we at Bakels have the ingredients and expertise to assist you and your customers.

At Bakels we not only believe that consumers should have the joy of experiencing great-tasting sourdough style breads, but bakers should be able to easily produce these products. That’s why Bakels are proud to present a range of sours under the Fermdor brand.

The name, “Ferm-dor”, or “Fermented-gold” shortened and partly translated from French, gives bakers a wide range of sours, all with unique flavour profiles to produce memorable signature loaves.

Fermdor range and application

The range consists of 16 sours, split into four categories: wheat, spelt and rye-based and speciality, all delivering unique flavour experiences. Ranging from dark to bright and acidic to mild, the sours can be used independent of each other or, for adventurous bakers, interchangeably to achieve signature breads with true point of difference. Fermdor improves more than just flavour, a less chewy and more elastic, waxy and open crumb structure is achieved.

Sourdoughs are increasingly used in more than just bread products. They are making their way into pizza, pasta, pastry and even marinades for meats. This is no different for Fermdor; with simple adjustments in usage, the sours can be used in as much as the imagination will allow. Take Fermdor Smoked for instance, a sour which is mild in acidity, neutral in colour, but delivers a mouth-watering smoked flavour to so much more than just bread.

The dried/deactivated nature of the majority of the sours allow bakers to eliminate the inconsistencies common in active sours, while maintaining the excellent flavour which will keep customers coming back for more. With Fermdor, bakers can reliably produce sourdough style breads with the consistent colour and flavour crucial for signature loaves, but with the attractive hand crafted shapes consumers are hungry for.

Dried sours mean bakers across the world can enjoy the quality and versatility Fermdor brings, with over 12 months shelf life. Improved process ability thanks to a more relaxed and dryer dough means bakers can easily produce these breads and consumers can enjoy a good shelf life in the baked bread, with a higher water absorption and decreased pH level, delaying mould growth.

Bakels have developed a range of recipes to showcase the sours, giving bakers a flavour of the range of breads which can be produced.

As the range continues to grow and used in a variety of retail, industrial and craft bakery applications, Bakels welcome customers to work in partnership to create truly unique liquid, paste and powder sours, suited to your application.

Get in touch on 01869 356400 to begin your sourdough journey.

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