According to the Vegan Society there were over 600,000 vegans in Great Britain in 2018, growing exponentially thanks to 42% of these vegans making the change in that year* and the total number quadrupling since 2014. This growth suggests it is a trend which is here to stay and we at Bakels believe that those adopting a vegan diet shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of food available to them – least of all cake!

At Bakels we not only believe that vegan consumers should have the joy of a wide selection of great-tasting bakery and patisserie goods greeting them in local bakeries, but bakers should have the joy of easily producing vegan products with ingredients readily-available to them. That’s why Bakels have launched an extension to the Multimix rangeNew Multimix Vegan Cake Complete. This presents great value for our customers, with only the addition of water and oil required, for cake goods with good tolerance which are very robust.

Multimix Cake Base was the first Multimix product launched over 10 years ago and thanks to it’s adaptable qualities and excellent taste and texture, has been a go-to choice for bakers ever since.

Multimix Vegan Cake Complete has been developed to provide the same qualities, but with the benefits of tapping into this thriving vegan trend. It’s versatile nature and subtle vanilla flavour gives bakers the opportunity to produce a whole host of delicious vegan recipes, many of which are grab and go options, all developed by our team of cake experts.

The product signals a focus on vegan products by Bakels, which will see further vegan product developments to follow. Please contact 01869 356400 for more details.

*Data Source: Vegan Trade Journal