With over 600,000 vegans now in the UK and 56% of Brits adopting vegan buying behaviours, Bakels are proud to extend their vegan offering, by optimising White, Rich Chocolate and Toffee Fudgices, to make them suitable for vegans.

The soft-eating, easy-to-handle range of Fudgices, which set to a non-stick surface once applied, equips bakers with a versatile ingredient to finish a wide range of sweet vegan bakery goods.

Seasonal Delights

According to Mintel, the share of cakes/pastries/sweet baked goods launches with a seasonal claim rose by 6 percentage points in 2018, with increasing interest in free-from creations. Our range of recipes, which include Multimix Cake Base, can be easily be replaced by Multimix Vegan Cake Complete, to produce vegan sweet goods.

White Fudgice provides the perfect base to which colours and flavours can be added to give consumers a range of seasonal products.

Multimix Vegan Cake Complete

The move comes following the launch of Multimix Vegan Cake Complete, a complete mix to which only water and oil is added, for the production of delicious-eating cakes and muffins. The extension to the Multimix range gives bakers all the qualities they have come to love about the versatile range of Multimix Cake Mixes, in a Vegan suitable version.

Our team of applications specialists have developed a wide range of recipes to help bakers get the most out of the thriving trend for quality vegan bakery goods.

Data source: Mintel.